2006 World Champion Gonzzo Earl Antonius

Jr World Champion Rizza Earl Antonius

International Champion Ricco Earl Antonius

2011 International Champion Al Vom Popeye

2007 Jr World Champion  Dack Flash Rouse

​International Champion Condor Von Der Frankentanne

International Champion  Morro vom Hause Märker

​2014 Vice World Champion Faryco Terezsky Dvur

​2009 Vice World Sieger Merlin Flash Rouse

2015 World Champion Kong Vom Quercus Wald 

International Champion Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch

International Champion Gil Von Hause Milsped 

International Champion Cochise from Royal Breed

2004 Klub Sieger Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand 

2004 Junior Klub Sieger Gringo vom Gruntenblick​​

1999 Klub Sieger Condor Von Der Frankentanne

​​​~Von Hause Kolpek~

World Champion Pedigrees

Breeders & Importers

Gary Kolpek

Phone: (918) 770 - 1436

​​We import, breed, and sell only the finest

Gaurdians and Personal Protection

dogs  for your Family with

 International & World Championship 

bloodlines from Europe.

At Von Hause Kolpek we produce 

 Large Old World Rottweilers with Superior Intelligence, Bone Density, and Massive Bear Heads.

~Our Bloodlines Include~

Dry Creek Rottweilers

Von Hause Kolpek 

Von Hause Kolpek produces Big, Bold, 

Beautiful Dynamic, Athletic Rottweilers

That are Fearless, Loving, and Loyal 

Guardians for your Family.

​​​(Since 1974)

of World Class Puppies with