When you receive your puppy ALL of it's shots are current. 

Do NOT take your dog to the Vet and have it inoculated.  

Your puppy has been given a NeoPar Live Parvo Virus Immunization shot at three, four, and seven weeks. You must give your puppy a 5 in 1 CANINE SPECTRA booster at weeks ten, thirteen, and sixteen weeks. After sixteen weeks take your puppy to the vet for a Rabies Immunization shot. Your puppy should be wormed on weeks 10 12 and 14 with Durvet Liquid Wormer 2x.

If you do not follow these guidelines your warranty will be 

null & void..Period. 


If you want your dog to get big then follow these instructions...

Each morning feed your puppy a mixture of 1 cup each of boiled rice,

baked chicken,  powdered goats milk replacement, an egg, a quarter

cup of sweet potatoes, a tablespoon of yogurt,  a teaspoon of olive oil,

and tablespoon of cottage cheese.  

During the day you should leave a bowl of,

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Sweet Potato, Salmon, and Pumpkin or Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Lamb Rice and Vegetable Formula  for them to nibble on between meals.

 If you want your dog to grow, NEVER put the Kibble away.

All our pups are imprinted from birth to be fearless,

loving, and loyal guardians.
At birth they are introduced to people, loud noises such as vacuum cleaners,  pots and pans on a daily basis.

At four weeks, they are introduced and allowed to live outside with all our dogs and horses. The older dogs play with the pups 24/7 teaching them when to run to the fence line along with play wrestling to build their strength and confidence.

At night they are brought in for socialization with us.

They are put into an extra large shipping kennel by the door to teach them comfort while in the kennel for traveling and safe keeping while at their owners. The kennel is kept by the door to teach them that every morning when they awake they

are let out to do their duties.

They are taken for rides several times a week to acclimate them to traveling.

During weeks 4 through 7 they are introduced to noises

such as leaf blowers, gunshots, motorcycles, sirens,

water and inclement weather.

When you put all these together we send you a Fearless puppy that enjoys everything in life, and always comes running when there are distractions and noises.

Gary Kolpek

Phone: (918) 770 - 1436

 Your Puppy's Shot Record

Caring for your Puppy 

Feeding your puppy