When you purchase one of our Rottweilers, you have 30 days to keep the puppy,

if you are not 100% happy with your purchase, simply return the puppy

and you may choose one out of the next World Class litter.

  If for some reason your puppy should develop an incapacitating genetic

defect we will replace the puppy at no charge with a puppy from

our next available litter. You will simply pay shipping.

If you have Wood Flooring in your home we cannot provide you with

this warranty simply because you run a serious risk of creating

Environmental  Hip & Elbow Dysplasia.  




Each of our Breeder and Show Quality puppies come with a

​TWO Year Life Insurance Policy that is related to a medical condition.

- Sincerely,

Our Warranty 

Gary Kolpek

Phone: (918) 770 - 1436


You must insure your puppy through AKC medical insurance. 

Our 100% Guarantee

Why Dry Creek Rottweiler's?