"Never have I had a more Loving dog☆♡! Not enough words to describe him!!!"

Johnny Williams

Amarillo, TX

"I was looking for a dog that would protect my family. I got my monies worth! Hudson is absolutely fearless"

Janice Brixey

Broken Arrow, OK

Alexander Inglesia

"We waited for years before we found the right breeder. Judy- Booty has such an amazing personality! Could not be happier with our puppy!"

Nala Van Hause Kolpek

Johannah Beck

Dover, AR

"We paid a premium price for "Tank" and he is worth every penny. He weighed 115lbs at

10 months. The vet complemented us on his temperament and confirmation  He is incredibly smart, and athletic. He loves our little girl, and never leaves her side. Tank is the most athletic and loving dog we have ever had."

We enjoyed having Plazma in our home. She was the most loving, loyal companion. 

"Our entire family is in love with this puppy. He is everything we were promised."

Beth Steele

Blanchard, OK

"Our entire family is in love with this puppy.  He is everything we were promised."

Misti Sun

Tulsa, Ok

Gary spent months with me!

I never expected a puppy this beautiful♡♡♡♡.

Aaron & Paige Miller

Broken Arrow, OK

Bebe adopted to our family overnight and loves our child and two other dogs! She is gentle, loving, sweet and intelligent.

Nicole Standford & Brooklyn Von Hause Kolpek

Alana Harris


Our Growing Family

Jason Hughes

Special thanks to:

Carola Del Corral
Buenes Aires, Venezuela

For being part of our family!

Broken Arrow, OK

"My children love these puppies, they are the best!"

Bethany Higgins

Bethany, OK

​"Anna and Tito are amazing!!! They love our children."

Daniel Robinson

Nashville, AR

"We were referred to Dry Creek by Legendhaus Rottweilers because they have the best studs in the region. We bought the dog as an investment to build our own kennel. Couldn't be happier doing business with Gary!"

Jessica Weis & Chris Maxwell

 Broken Arrow, OK

"OMG!!! They're so smart and loving!!!"

Gary purchased Plazma from Belgrade, Serbia for me and my husband as a token of friendship. She is my best friend and guardian, I couldn't imagine life without her!

 Dry Creek Rottweilers went above and beyond to work with me on my puppies health after the sale.  

West Palm Beach, FL

Jodie Brixey

Broken Arrow, OK

Justin Angelo

State College, PN

"I never dreamed I'd own a dog like this!

Thor is incredible! He is unbelievably smart and draws attention everywhere I go."

"My family and I love this girl so much! Nala takes such amazing care of our daughter! She never leaves Taylee's side. They love each other to the moon and back!"

"These are the smartest puppies we have ever owned!"


Kenney Cleveland Rachael Marie OMG!!! Super Smart, Potty trained, and WE LOVE THEM!!!

Thomas Chris Dollogado

Sherman, TX

Misti Sun

"My wife and daughters are 1st in my life. Luciano is amazing with our children"

Aaron and Heidi Richardson

with an Anna ~ Akimbo son

Watts, OK

Tim Gauthier

 Polson, Montana

"Mr. Bently is incredible! Smart, loving, and loyal!"

Jessie Rae 

Polson, Montana

"I almost cried when I first saw him at the airport! I can't believe Gary sent me this incredible puppy!!! He is my dream Rottweiler I have always wanted!!"

Becky Higgins
Great Falls, MT

Amazing dogs! I love everything about my dog. His ginormous head, body size, personality, and he is so loyal to all us. I can sleep at night knowing he will protect us. Thanks Gary!

Stillwater, OK

Gary Kolpek

Phone: (918) 770 - 1436

"I've had my male pup for about 2 weeks and he's the best pup I've ever had. He can already sit, lay down, and sit back up on command."

Natalie Trevathan  

Melissa Gonzalez

Kevin Riddle

"Best kennel ever...Dry Creek stands behind every word they say and every dog they sell. You're guaranteed to love them!"

Travis Crow

Great Falls, MT

Sandra Rainer

Jeffersonville, GA

"This is our second Rottweiler we have purchased from Gary. Thor is everything we dreamed of!"

with Baby Vanessa

Johna Bates

Oolagah, OK

Holding one of her 2 pups from our 
Serbian Yh Ch Plazma Von Hause Kigen.

"We looked and waited for a very long time to find these perfect puppies!"

Nicole Stanford

Philadelphia, PA

Rob Delong

Philadelphia, PA

"One of the smartest dogs we have ever owned. Barrett is 6 months old at 70 pounds, and a big hit at all of the races!" 

Elijah Presley

Bixby, OK

Sian Blackwell

Tulsa, OK

 Nala is My Dream Pup!!

Soooo smart, and so loving.

Jerri Barnett

Redrock, OK

"Missy is growing like a weed! Possessive and protective over me and my children. Full of love! Wonderful family dog."

Kim Coultier

Hattiesberg, MI

Kim Coultier has a lot to be proud of with sons Kyle &

Nugget Von Hause Kolpek